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We have eaten at the Greensburg, Indiana location many times, but both the quality of the help and the cleanliness of the restaurant has declined drastically the past four years. Around the drink dispensers you are welcomed by gnats, ketchup and drink spills everywhere to include the floor. It is not uncommon to find hair in your food, and your order mixed up. The cleanliness of the help may also explain why there is hair in your food to begin with. There is an elderly lady at the front counter that stands around picking sores on her arms, then goes back to waiting on customers and serving food.

On one visit, while sitting at a table eating our meal, we observed the lady making the sandwiches, during a lull, stick her right hand down into the back of her pants. No big deal right? Surely she will change her gloves before resuming her sandwich making. Nope, she simply went back making sandwiches with the very same gloves that went down the back of her pants. On many occasions you will witness the help yelling at each other and ignoring the customers.

During today's visit we were greeted by a very dirty floor, both in the dining room and the kitchen area that we could see from the counter. The quality of the help at this restaurant really sucks. Why the health department has not shut this place down is way beyond me. Time to move on to Wendy's or Burger Queen.

You just cannot make this *** up.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Sanitary Conditions.

Reason of review: Cleanliness and rude customer service.

Preferred solution: Either hire a whole new crew, to include management, or close this place down. .

McDonalds Cons: Customer service, Employees and management.

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Rusty C

Yikes!! Seems to me anyone who experienced this WOULDN'T phuckin' return. Sooo, you are a falsifier, moran, troll or all of the above.

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