Columbia, Missouri

Well,..have you heard about the "secret menu" at McDonalds? Well I called a local McDonalds to see if these secret menu is real.

So I ask to see if they had a type of Big Mac and I wanted to know if they had a root

Beer float because that stuff is on the "secret menu" and soon as I got done asking if they had a root beer float....THE WORKER HUNG UP ON ME!!! I 100% did not try to pull a prank!

Every time I go to McDonald's the workers are yelling and cussing and are very, VERY moody. I don't think I will ever go to McDonald's again

  • Hate McDonald s
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Most people try and claim that there is a secret menu, but there isn't. While I worked at McDonald's it was so annoying to hear people ask for things that we did not have/could not make. After a while it seems like a prank, so they probably weren't mad at you personally, just the fact that the "secret menu" rumor is still going around.

Denver, Colorado, United States #698779

"I don't think I will ever go to McDonald's again" :grin

Hahaha, and I have a bridge to sell you!

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