Bellflower, California
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I went to mc Donald’s in Santa Monica on Lincoln on the drive through I ordered 2 orders of the sausage mc muffins a deluxe meal and I was waiting to get my food and the manager there forgot to give me my deluxe then I come home to eat and I start to eat my deluxe and feel my eggs gooey I then check them to see if it was just me but it was the egg that wasn’t cooked I ate the raw egg and I had to record it because I can get sick I’m really disappointed in this mc Donald’s it’s never happened to me before I

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Mcfeast Deluxe Meal Combo Meal.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I remember a few years back they came out with a double patty Sausage McMuffin. I wish that they would bring it back. Also they should have a double egg round Egg McMuffin and a double egg round and double sausage patty Sausage and Egg McMuffin.


Actually, I've had them quite a number of times when I get my two sausage and egg McMuffins with my Booger King Coupons. I prefer them that way over when sometimes they are overcooked.


That sounds terrible. You should go back there and tell them about it and maybe they will give you a free replacement meal. Good Luck.


Maybe go back to your home country? Do they cook the eggs better there?


That's what I was thinking. You can tell shes a Mexican. They come over here, buy junk food using my tax dollars, and then complain about it.


being racist too others is going too get fired one of these days. Let's hope your company fires you sooner than later.


Wow. So much hate and arrogance.

I am guessing nobody taught you and educated you onto how too treat others with respect.

People like you being jerks too others is going too get you terminated because all you're doing is racially profiling someone! Let's hope the cops see you say this too them and arrest you for that!

@Anonymous Headquarters 2019

I agree with you. I hitch-hiked a ride today with an older gentleman in a pickup truck and he started out nice but just before he let me out he had gone onto a tirade about how the democrats keep blocking Trump from doing anything and about all of the thousands of immigrants that cross over into our country every day and how he personally thinks that many of them should be shot!

I was very disgusted and outraged. If it was me, I would like to stand there at the border and welcome each immigrant with a big hug and hand them a sack lunch and drinks and I would ask them what they wanted and hoped for most out of their journey to America and I would wish them the best of luck and welcome them to America.


It is so hot in my home state I can just crack an egg over the sidewalk and it cooks.


As a matter of fact they do!


Clearly you're not helping by being an jerk to others.


wow who tf says that u must be the hill billy trailor park trash


Its partially cooked, but gross. I wouldn't eat it


I dare you to.


Girl that egg is cooked. Do you know what an uncooked egg looks like? If you can hold it like that it is cooked lol.


If you would tasted it you would know so please keep your comments to yourself


Little girl, this is a public forum. If you are going to post a review here people are going to reply, whether they agree or disagree with you.


This is an review site. Everybody is allowed too comment too anybody. Clearly you're stuck onto stupid if you're not going too understand that!