Tallahassee, Florida

Went to this McDonald's for breakfast, drive thru full. Went inside 6 people in front of me.

Finally order, the cashier working front and drive thru. A manager came in the cashier said good morning to her, she wouldn't speak went to the back Sat down. Finally other people came in to work, taking other orders and passing food out to them. I told the guy I was here before 8am how he getting his food before me.

Then a different cashier called the manger over and another customer told her before y'all do anything else this lady (meaning me) has been standing here longer than any of us. He went on to say he has been here 20 minutes and I was here before this new line form and haven't got my food. Finally they gave it to me. I was there at a little least then 30 minutes.

I will not be back, that store always give bad and slow service and that's a busy area.

Some of the people need to change their attitudes and others need to come to work. They want $15 hr but work ethic are not worth that.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Cashier.

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It's funny to me, these McDonalds people wanting $15/hrly. If McDonalds starts to pay $15 an hour, they can up their standards in who they hire and many of these current workers will be replaced FAST!


So, you went to a busy store known by you to be slow, most likely due to a previous experience, and it caused you to be late to work? Sorry, but that's your own fault.

Based on your 'complaint', it appears as though the store might be short-handed.

Yes, if I was the manager, I'd take care of the customers first before sitting in the office doing paperwork. The moral of this is: You had a choice when it came to eating breakfast at home, making it at home and taking it with you, or stopping somewhere on your way to work. You chose to stop somewhere. You knew this location to be busy and slow.

Its not the employee's fault you were late for work. Take responsibility for your own actions.

Ever hear the saying "two wrongs don't make a right"? Same thing applies here.

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