Benton, Arkansas

My problems lie with the McDonald's in Benton, AR. Every single time I go there at night (I don't get off work til 9:30) they always screw me over their fries.

I pay for a large and get median amount. And no this is not one of those "oh fatty didn't get his/her fries", no this is one of those I'm paying my hard earn money for less. Also I wouldn't qualify 110 being fat.

And because of my work scheduled and the fact that everything in my town closes by 9 or 10, I have no where else to get fast food unless I go out to the next town over and go to, and wait for it....A MCDONALDS!

Just give me what I pay for or my {{Redacted}} money back.

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Why don't you just order a medium then.


You paid for what you get~ cheap quality and quantity McDonald's slogan since 1955

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