Jacksonville, Florida

This morning I decided to get some mcmuffins and there was quite a long line. Most drive- thrus have 2 windows: one you pay at and the other you collect your order.

Well I pulled up to the first window and an overweight woman was leaning against the glass with her *** facing the customers. Like I said the line was long so I must have sat there for like 4 or 5 minutes. I received no acknowledgment so I assumed I would pull up to the second window and perhaps someone will take my money there. Instead the fatty hangs out the window screaming " hello excuse me!" over and over....I thought not only is this completely unprofessional but it's just unkind.

When I arrive at the second window the manager approached me with attitude exclaiming I should have waited cuz she was going to take my money. I explained how I was ignored and then suddenly shouted at. The manager defended her employee and tried her best to make me feel responsible. I said ITS NOT MY FAULT y'all are incompetent and prioritizing petty *** before your customers.

She just interrupted me cuz she knew I was right.

I can't believe people like them are even employed. I do not plan on giving them any service ever again!

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

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103rd Street McDonalds has to be one of the poorest management fast food restaurant I've been to


What do you expect at a McDonalds? You're heart will thank you for never eating there again!

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