Rocky Mount, North Carolina
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Update by user Oct 02, 2014

I am not trying to slander anyone I am only trying to get some respect here. I think the manager did not handle it like it should have been handle I dont go there any more but I do go to a different Mcdonalds I am not saying all Mcdonalds are bad I love Mcdonalds I am only talking about that one Mcdonalds that has bad service. So it is not Slander unless I am targeting all the Mcdonalds out there just that one with that certain manager

Original review posted by user Sep 30, 2014

My husband and I was eating at Mcdonalds in Rocky Mount, NC at are around 7:00pm when I bit into my burger and found a hard object that injured my tooth and gum. I felt singled out as is being a Muslim female and all the Tv's had Isis forces stuff playing all over them.

I called to the manager she seen my mouth was bleeding really bad and she took the object and my name and number and offered me something else to eat??? well who wants to eat after that?

So I got no refund no apologia and hey noting from them to help fix my tooth. Do not GO to that Mcdonalds ever again

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Burger.

Reason of review: Object in my food .

Preferred solution: Pain and sufferer as well as broken tooth and Discriminated against for being Muslim.

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First Born Triplet

Well in their defense Mike, that person did start it by rudely telling the person that this is libel, so in a way they are asking for it, and apparently they cannot admit they are wrong or take what they dish.

First Born Triplet

You are both uneducated twits, and to the OP I don't think the object has anything to do with your being Muslim, I think it was just carelessness. The poster from New York, you have a point, many people take things and make them bigger than they are, they cry racism ect.

@First Born Triplet

Ditto on that, anonymous with the slander comment and the anonymous correcting him both are twits and uneducated.


Obviously the anonymous that thinks there is nothing wrong with his sentences does not know how to read and should be the one taking English 101. He or she is misplacing commas, but then again they seem to think they are the smartest person on this thread.


Am I missing something here? I do not see an employee specifically named.

To the letter writer: if a black person had received the burger, they may have felt it was because they were black. Same with a white, mexican, *** person, asian, etc. Unless you witnessed a foreign object placed in your food or heard employees admitting to it, you can't be sure it was racism.

If you have dental bills, submit them to McDonalds Corporate and if it's a franchise, they will forward on to the franchise owner. And by the way, the manager should have definitely given you a refund.


Actually you have no proof that this employee did this on purpose, so it is libel. You just ASSume that they did this because you are Muslim.

You stated the location of the restaurant, if the employee/employees whom you are accusing in question had nothing to do with the hard object, than this is considered libel. If they find out and take you to court and they are completely innocent then you can be sued. However both the anonymous that accused you of slander and the anonymous that responded to that anonymous comment seem uneducated.

Same with you. If you were educated you would not be posting this kind of stuff online without proof.


Yes, clearly you are the only educated person on this thread. LMFAO!


Which McDonalds was this? I know Rocky Mount has a pretty big muslim community but there are also a lot of ignorant racists there as well.

You may well have been targeted. No way to know for sure.


You say you felt singled out as a muslim female. So you think the McDonald's employees put a hard object in your food as an act of racism?


I think she is implying that, she better be careful before she is sued for slander.


Twit, slander is spoken, libel is written. Educate yourself!


Speaking of education there should be a comma after written and, educate yourself is not supposed to be a separate sentence in the way you posted, you both are uneducated. The point remains that the person posting this review could be sued for claiming this.If you were educated you would see the point.


There is nothing incorrect about my sentences. The problem here is that you are an uneducated twit. My suggestion would be that you should consider a basic English 101 course.


Wow. One thing that I do not tolerate are persons that 'devalue' a person because of the way they talk or spell. These intellectual types love to correct people, feeling 'oh so superior' because they know how to format a sentence.