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I live in Pittsburgh, PA and just recently I took my 3 year old to a McDonald's in Shaler, PA which is about a 5 minute drive. While we were there in the play area, there were 4 boys between the ages of 10 -13 years old that were terrorizing my child.

I became angry because the parents did nothing to correct their children. The play area is very poorly designed, that once children are on top in the play area there is a partial wall that hangs down and blocks the view of the children playing. I am angry because older children run rampant in the play area and management will not do anything to stop it from happening.

This had happened once before and now I refuse to go back to that *** hole ever again. To see a small child being bullied is horrible beyond words, but when management will do nothing to prevent it is beyond horrible.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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I don't think this story is true, first she changes the gender of the child, then she changes the relationship of the child, then she changes her own actions.

The original story was that they boys were harassing her son, then it went to the boys were terrorizing her daughter, and then her granddaughter.

Also in the original story she went right up to the boy's parents and told them to control their children, the parents did nothing, in another story she went right up to the front desk carrying her son/daughter/granddaughter in her hands and reported the boys. She must have escaped from a sanitarium for the criminally insane if she does not now whether her own child was a boy or girl, or whether the child is her or her son/daughters.


There were four boys, between the ages of ten, and thirteen, terrorizing a three year old child? When I was between the ages of ten, and thirteen, I had absolutely no desire to terrorize a three year old child.

Either these four boys just escaped from a sanitarium for the criminally insane, or this story, as it was written, is not entirely accurate. There is always two sides to every story.


"Ok, so you removed your child from the situation. Did you say anything to the parents whose children were doing the bullying?"

You better watch it or she will call you ignorant just for asking a simple question :cry

But she said she talked to the parents, but they did nothing to stop their children from bullying, but in another post she said that she quickly removed her granddaughter/son/daughter and went up to the counter and explained so we don't know if she is telling the truth about talking to the parents or not. Either way, does she really expect the manager at Mcdonalds to tell the other diners waiting in line that they have to wait so that she can give some overzealous children a timeout. If she had been in the line and the manager was trying to control the children this complaint would very well be different, about how she had to wait a few extra minutes for the manager to take control over the play area. Yet I bet if her precious son/daughter/granddaughter was the one who was playing rough she would make excuses and not consider it bullying, and she calls us ignorant.


anonymous, you're just here to find something to do with your days. and show us your fascination with smiley faces of course.

msfrannie, I don't think you're horrible.

I just think you're dumb for blaming it on McDonalds rather than the kids and their parents.

who are you going to blame if that happened at a regular playground? the city?


I'm not trying to be a "troll." I'm just saying, your child is going to be in situations like this throughout life. Now is a good time to teach him how to handle it. Unfortunately, lots of parents don't give two sh*ts what their kids do and act like, so bullies are everywhere.


Ok, so you removed your child from the situation. Did you say anything to the parents whose children were doing the bullying?

If it were my child being bullied, I would have removed my child from the play area, taken the bullies' parents aside and had a talk with them. If the bullies' parents proved to be asswipes as well, THEN I would have gone to management and requested those asswipes be removed as they are not following the rules of conduct for the play area.

Again, we are responsible for the safety of our children. We are also their champions.

Stand up for your child! Don't let those parents get away with letting their kids pick on your child.

You have a voice? Use it.


You are the one being ignorant, and you are also a liar, funny how the person who posted and "impersonated" you is from the same state and city as you. Perhaps you are lying about the boys picking on your son/daughter/granddaughter as well.

This site works perfectly find, it is people like you who act childish when they don't get their reply. I bet your granddaughter/son/daughter is more mature than you. Telling you that you are wrong is not ignorant, perhaps you need to grow up and stop assuming that because someone has a different opinion than, you or because someone gives you a suggestion they are not ignorant.

I seriously doubt you took your daughter/granddaughter/son out right away because you would have mentioned it in your review. You are just posting that to make yourself look good.


First of all you people have nothing else to do in life than condemn others, and further more I was away with my granddaughter all day yesterday at a water park, second I did not change it from being a boy child to a girl child and third, I never made the last posting on here, i personally don't care what you people think about me because this site was not what I thought it was about in the first place, I do not have time to waste on ignorance!


ms_frannie_48 - You are sick!


I did make the whole thing up. I have no money and my kids keep bugging me to take them to McDonalds.

I was hoping to get some free food so I can take them back to the Shaler McDonalds.

My kid really is a brat and probably deserved to be picked on. Since I got my free food coupons from this location all ready, I guess I can tell you the truth.


Further more, first these children were 10-13 now these children turned into grown adults? Seriously they playground is for 12 and younger.

Once you post a review it belongs to pissed consumer and you can\\\'t tell people what to post and what not to post not everyone is going to agree with you.

Also if you don\'t want people to tell you what you should have done mention those details in the review or they are going to think you were more concerned about your food than your son who turned into your daughter who then turned into your granddaughter. If you cannot accept negative feedback I suggest you ask the moderators to remove your review.


First the child changed from male to female, not it changed from your daughter to your granddaughter? People are just giving you suggestions, I see that you are not mature enough to take them.


ms_frannie-48 - Seriously Ms. Fran, read over all the posts on this site, particularly, Best Buy, J.C.Penneys, Target, and yes, even McDonalds.

These people responding to your complaint are just trolls. They can't be taken seriously.

Of course, you did your best to protect your child. Don't let these nut cases make a judgment call on your parenting skills. If the play area in McDonalds wasn't made for three year olds, then who were they made for?

Ignore these "people".

They are just here to stir problems for the OP. :roll :roll :roll :roll


I removed my grandchild as soon as I was able to climb up and get to her, as it is designed for small children to play in not grown adults. I was very short lipped with the parents, and I carried my child to the front counter to speak with management, afterwards I carried her out to the car and we left.

I will never take her back to that particular place because of this happening. So please stop the comments on what I should have done, every child deserves to be allowed to play at areas designed for children to play and do so without being bullied by other children.


licked, or was that a typo, you posted licked twice so I am going to assume they licked your daughter. Either way I still think you need to give them a taste of their own medicine, lick them, push them punch them let them see what it feels like to be pushed around by someone older.


I think what Ihatestupidcustomers is trying to say is that as a parent it is your job to protect your child not the restaurant's, and get her out of there first before reporting the behaviour. He is not saying you are a bad parent.


It's not McDonalds fault that other parents raised little hellions and aren't watching them. Here's what you do: take your kids out of there, make management aware of the behavior that is going on in the play area, and take your children outside to play. It's your job as a parent to remove your child from an unsafe situation.


put away my cell phone to watch my children..? I don't have any kids, at least not yet.

I understand your point but I still slightly disagree. I would honestly give the parents a hard time if their little brats were abusing my kid, especially if my kid was only 3 like yours is. actually, I don't even think I would let a 3 year old into the McDonald's play area. I certainly wouldn't complain to McDonald's employees about it.

what are they gonna do? give you a coupon for a free Big Mac and tell the waiting customers that they can't order any food for a few minutes because the employees have to drag children out of the play area?


to IHateCustomers- All I can say is that it is easy to condemn me for getting upset with parents who choose not watch their children. My little girl is only 3 years old and was licked by one of these kids, the parents have been asked not to come back because the same thing happened to other children.

I do not "scarf down" food, and it is too the responsibility of the management to keep their whole place in order. I have spoken with the McDonald's Corporation office and I will never take my little one back to that store.

SERIOUSLY PEOPLE,if this had happened to your child you would have been just as furious as I was. come on people, stop condemning others for taking an action against bullying, and another clue, how about you put away your cell phones and PAY ATTENTION to your child(ren)