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I live in Pittsburgh, PA and just recently I took my 3 year old to a McDonald's in Shaler, PA which is about a 5 minute drive. While we were there in the play area, there were 4 boys between the ages of 10 -13 years old that were terrorizing my child.

I became angry because the parents did nothing to correct their children. The play area is very poorly designed, that once children are on top in the play area there is a partial wall that hangs down and blocks the view of the children playing. I am angry because older children run rampant in the play area and management will not do anything to stop it from happening.

This had happened once before and now I refuse to go back to that *** hole ever again. To see a small child being bullied is horrible beyond words, but when management will do nothing to prevent it is beyond horrible.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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It is not always the children behaving like brats, look at Jedi he is 12 years old and he has better social skills than some of the adult members on this site. AKA "anonymous" Expecting1, or whatever fake identity Mslea001,Ifitdoesnotsayspringdalearkan, Theoneandonly or is coming up with these days.

It is parent like Mslea who raise their children to be self centered brats because the parents are brats themselves. They like to push and shove their way around when they don't get what they want and the children end up mimicking their bad behaviour.


isn't responsible I meant to say.


I'm guessing the original poster is too busy scarfing down a Big Mac to watch their child so they expect McDonald's to do it because they think the whole 10 bucks they spent includes a day care program in the dirty playground. my advice?

don't let your kid go in the McDonald's play area, take them to a real playground.

while I do agree that those other kids were probably little piece of *** brats, raised by horrible parents.. McDonald's is responsible for a kid getting a wedgie.


I would like to say thank you for the postings on this horrible situation. I do not touch other peoples children, but at the same time, parents should set an example not expect their children to be a bully.

I also spoke with the district manager and she was just as upset and appalled as I was that this had taken place, she also reassured me that it would not happen again because she knew exactly who the family I had referred to was and they will be told not to come back there. Seems that they have had many complaints about these same children in the past.


P.S If this were my son that was being bullied I would have a firm talk to the boys myself. If contacting management did not work I would not be returning.

However Ethan, you can't raise your hand on someone elses child no matter how much of *** they are.


Well she can't knock a child out, she would get into trouble. Usually the parents of the bullies think it is not their child who is the problem but everyone else. Trust me I had to deal with one as a Cub Scout leader in which the parent totally refused to accept that their child is a trouble maker. She claimed he was being bullied when it was the other way around. Yet when we informed her about his bullying she said he just plays rough.

I don't know the age restriction on the play center at your Mcdonald's but the on that I take my son(2) to has an age and height limit. Some are 12 and younger, some are ten and younger, some under five feet, some under four feet. I personally don't care if there are older children as long as they are not bullying my son. If they are not going by the age limit than you should take it up with coorperate. Even threaten to get the news involved.

As for contacting the police I don't know if they can do a thing like Ethan said, however if you even threatened to get the police involved that alone would frighten a ten year old.


Well if their parents did not listen the next step would be to tell them to leave your son alone or you will kick their butts. Just go to the oldest of the group and kick him, punch him shove him and see how he feels. They police cannot really do anything if it is just a case of them playing rough.


One time I took my 3 year old to a McD's and 5 niglets harrassed my child. Long story short, I got into a huge fight with the sheboon mothers of the niglets, which resulted in me putting all the sheboons in the hospital, and in jail.

All 5 mothers were charged for assault, child neglect,and recklessness.

Since the 5 niglets hurt my son to where he needed stitches, they were charged with attempted murder and are in jail being held without bond, and were put in the hospital due to me beating the black out of them. If someone hurts your child, knock em out.


to Jedi Knight Ethan,

I did talk to the parents, these same parents did nothing to stop their children from continuing on in this bad behavior, I am saying that bullying is intolerable no matter what,she is being raised to respect others as she would like others to resepect her. And as for my use of words and language, I do not speak like that in front of her.

But there is no excuse for parents allowing their children to hurt other smaller children. And yes I did report all of this to the police!!!!


Why don't you take action to protect your own child. Either talk to the parents of the older boys and if that does not work tell them off yourself.

Or take your son out of the playground.

Boys are rough and I bet in 7-10 years you will be complaining about the parents of the three year old who are not letting your precious angel have fun with his friends. Also for a parent you use very foul language.


I agree that it isn't a day care centre, however, management does have a duty of care to its customers safety. This child was bullied and that behaviour should never be tolerated anywhere.

I would write a letter to the management and to their head office as it is no doubt a franchise.

Also get some legal advice. Also spread the word to other mothers with young children, word of mouth can go a long way.


I agree that it is up to the parents. The managers are there to manage the operations of the restaurant--not provide daycare or supervision at the playground.


I know it's not a "daycare" but parents should be held accountable for the actions of their children, I mean seriously, we are talking about a three year old child being pushed, licked and shoved around here!


Lady its Mcdonalds and not a daycare!!!! Get over it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :roll :roll :roll :roll

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