Springdale, Arkansas
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Everytime I go to McDonalds, nothing is ever right. My food order is always wrong, the employees are rude, the service is slow. The fries are never fresh, I always have to ask for fresh fries, and they make me wait for them. Where do you find these people, McDonalds?? Certainly you can find people with at least a 2nd grade education to work here. I really just cannot believe that McDonalds is even still in business. My word!! :(

Worst of all, you even try to complain about the service they are ready to call the cops on you.


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well then I guess not everyone from that Springdale place is crazy since Brandon agrees that MsLea is an insane woman.


That would be a great idea for a reality show. I'm thinking the show could follow the day to day working lives of workers in select retail and fast food places and the customer interactions they face, especially the crazo customers like Mrs Lea. Would be an interesting show to watch.


yeah, it could be a reality show that will show the most insane customers that are out there. but Lea could also be in many other reality shows such as a food eating contest show or a show about the most insane people from Arkansas.


Aaah this woman is a riot. Check out her other posts.

Someone give her a sash and a job as hall monitor.

Cause this appears to be her only way of feeling important. Actually someone should get this woman a show on cable access or something.


you have to wait for fries because they have to cook them. They're not instant. Why do people not get this?


Also obviously like on here, when you were complaining at Mcdonalds you made a fool of yourself that is why they threatened to call the police on you. You forgot to mention that you claimed your husband worked at Mcdonald's home office.

I say claimed because I doubt your husband works at Walmart home office. You are just saying that to push your weight around.

Also speaking of second grade education yours is the same because like I said anyone over the age of six knows that you should begin English with a capital letter and end a sentence with a period. I guess MrsLea you would qualify to work at Mcdonalds since you have the below second grade education that you claim the other employees have.


"What is a "davor?" Please learn to speak proper english if you are going to talk to me. Thank you"

Before you go attacking someone's English keep in mind the whole "davor", "favor" thing is a typo. Since you claim to be the English expert you should know two things.

English is a proper noun and therefore should begin with a capital letter. Something you learn in first grade.

Thank you should also end in a period. Another thing you learn in first or second grade.


Lmao.crazy hick all the imbreeding is finally starting to show.wow im glad to see phonics worked for you.yay you can read! :zzz


hey Lea, dumb *** I think this misspelled favor. that's pretty logical considering the D key is right next to the F. much more logical than your exaggerated stories.


What is a "davor?" Please learn to speak proper english if you are going to talk to me. Thank you


Omg lady really?lol why dint u do everyone a davor and stay home.no one likes u and the only reason ur husband puts up with you is because he has to live with ur dumb butt.he must like misery.go to therapy and get back on your meds looks like u need them.crazy hick


Shutup IHateStupidCustomers. The only reason why I didn't threaten the manager of my McDonalds was because I use this store to turn tricks.

The manager said as long as I don't complain I can turn tricks in his parking lot. Because my husband works long hard hours at Walmart Home Office, he doesn't know any better.


also, I'm surprised that her "high position at Walmart husband" wasn't mentioned in this post.


lol wow, I'm starting to think that this MrsLea01 woman is lying about all of these stores. I'm done taking her seriously.

chances are, McDonalds and Walmart fired her for stealing so she wants to bash these places. what a dumb ***


Also Mcdonalds is still in business because fat lazy people would rather eat out than cook their own food.


Hey Big Bruce, check out her profile apparently she is a *** wherever she goes. She also wrong a complaint to another place.

She has a total of five complaints. At least in this review she is not lying and pretending her pretend husband(I seriously doubt she is married) is their boss.


Did you tell the McDonald's employees that your husband is a janitor at Wal-Mart's Home Office?

Seriously, if McDonald's keeps screwing up your order, why do you keep going back?


Well if you are rude and disrespectful as you bragged about being at Walmart than I can see why they were rude. Also Like your other reviews I doubt that they were rude.

In your other reviews employees were rude because they did not give in to you. At least here you cannot use your husband's job to threaten them and push them around.

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