I talked to manager and was told that McDonald's was discontinuing the drink. I said who do I complain to?

I won't visit McDonald's without that drink being available. Unless Orange Hi-C is added back on the menu I won't be shopping/spending my money/purchasing anything from them again. This is the only drink I will get and will not eat without a drink. Apparently have to add more words so I will say again I will not visit any McDonald's as long as Orange Hi-C is not offered as a drink choice.

I can't believe I haven't typed 100 words yet but here we go again...... I WANT MY ORANGE HI-C WITH MY DOUBLE QUARTER POUNDER WHEN I GO TO MCDONALD'S TO EAT.

Product or Service Mentioned: Minute Maid Hi-c Soft Drink.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

McDonalds Pros: Customer service.

McDonalds Cons: Lack of orange hi-c as drink choice.

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It's the "Demand" part of "Supply and Demand." If they're not selling enough of a specific product, they're not going to keep supplying it. One person getting the orange Hi-C every time does not cover the cost for them to keep it in stock like the other drinks they serve.


If you don't like people on disability for eating *** then try and get mcdonalds outlawed, otherwise shut ur trap


I'm sure McDonalds the world over are rushing to add Orange Hi-C drinks to their menu. McDonald's can't survive without your patronage.


Let me guess: On disability due to diabetes.