Elmhurst, Illinois

I ordered 2 big breakfast with hot cakes only I order has hot cakes the other one doesn't have when I get home. Now it's not enough for my children.

I don't want to come back there anymore it's a hassle for me. They need to check the order and match it with what they are getting or preparing so when they hand it out to the costumer there will be no problem. I hope this will be forwarded to the appropriate personnel/ manager of McDonald located at 675 N.

Weber rd Romeoville, IL 60445. They told me I can get it anytime but I just came from work I'm tired I don't want to come back there anymore.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

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Here's a great idea, stop going to McDonalds. It's not enough for your kids... boohoo maybe you should cook your family breakfast instead of depending on McDonalds.


Why would we forward your complaint to McDonald's appropriate personnel/manager. More than likely nobody from McDonald's will even see your complaint on this site, because we don't have anything to do with McDonald's. It is up to the "customer" not "costumer" to check the order to make sure it is all there, before leaving the site.