North Manchester, Indiana

I ordered 2 PLAIN McCHICKENS and they gave me normal ones I'm pissed as *** *** and there was to much pepper. It tasted like a hamburger with hot peppers and sauce.

My friend and his family orders were wrong too they ordered 3 fries and 1 bacon agus they were missing 1 fry and the meat was cold and dry! I demand that there is better service there to. They should be *** fired. I had to through away my food because of them. If i get cold and dry meat again, I will rage on here again. HAVE A NICE DAY !!!!!!!


Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Hamburger.

Monetary Loss: $6.

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Whenever people say that the food is cold, I never believe it. It's always kept hot so it's essentially impossible.

That's why the managers and the workers know when customers are exaggerating.

Get a grip man. And i've always hated those customers that ordered everything so picky, it's like McDonald's has to make sandwiches "no pickles, no mayo, half sauce".

Like come on, really? Make yourself a sandwich.


You might have been missing part of your orders, however, I know that the meat couldn't have been cold, because the sandwiches and fries are kept under heat lamps for a certain amount of time and after a certain period of time it is thrown away. Did your party complain about the food while there, instead of doing it on this site.

If you had complained in a nice way the problems would have been corrected. Your spelling, grammar and just plain nasty language isn't going to get you anywhere. Who do you think you are to demand anything from a business and that the employees should be fired.

They didn't do anything that couldn't have been corrected, is you had complained nicely.