Stone Mountain, Georgia
Not resolved

Yall took my money when i did my order on app and have me no food or my money back and them told me there was nothing they could do cause they had no food. ... im highly pissed cause this is the type of *** they do all the time im starting to seriously hate mcdonald snd your employee needs to stop lying about be the manager first off i come to that mcdonalds all the time and i know the managers and if she is she needs to be better trained to handle this and how to switch over from dinner to morning worn out closing the store down for 2 hours to get morning ready so your 24 hour restaurant is actually really a 21.5-22 hour of serive and very rude and unknowlable of how the app thing works if you can't train they yup know how to work or give a explaination of why i was charged but was told that couldn't have happened there system is down i want some answers and mt money back

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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