Green Bay, Wisconsin

drove to McDonalds store 27332 in bellevue wi.ordered two twenty piece mcnuggets and eight double cheese and two large fry asked for buffalo and honey mustard sauces drove home and only had one twenty piece and no wasn't any sauce in the bag. you call the store and its always "we're sorry", but after years of this store doing bad at not giving you your food you ordered how far is sorry supposed to go when its the norm to have bad customer service.

I am given the option to go back to the store to pick up what was missing...really? So by the time i get back home everything else I ordered is now cold? And what does it really do to send me a coupon for what was missing? Doesn't really help me at the time when someone in the family is now not able to have dinner.

Have been to this store and rarely get the sauces.

So, answer me this, when I order extra sauces, Why do you feel it necessary to charge me 25 cents and still not give me the sauces? This store needs some fixing.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Coupon.

Monetary Loss: $5.

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Middletown Township, New Jersey, United States #748298

EIGHT DOUBLE CHEESE BURGERS? Please tell me this was for at least four people or more...

Georgetown, Indiana, United States #719832

Go inside next time *** it's people like you who order so much in the drive thru and hold everybody else up. They were probably rushing to get your *** order and forgot. Go inside lazy.

to I hate *** people #876652

Yah but they want 15 an hour


Try checking the bag before you drive away, genius.

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