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Its {{Redacted}} Yeah they charge you a stupid tax to sit in there and eat your food. I just got charged an extra 55 cents myself.

I ordered a large French fry and they only filled it up 75% of the way and when I complained about it they said "Oh our manager only wants us to fill it that much." Ok, so you all are going to charge us $2.39 for a large fries and only give us as much as a medium? What happened to the customers are always right? Nowadays what is right doesn't seem to matter anymore; its more about how can we gouge the public for as much money as possible but prevent ourselves from giving them very much food.

That's corporate America for you. Greedy, stingy, and underhanded and crooked.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I think that McDonalds should issue out a token for the bathroom with each purchase you make. That way it would stop the constant stream of folks coming intoi their stores just to use the restroom and who don't buy anything. Then they would be alot cleaner for the people to use who are actually eating there.