Kennesaw, Georgia

When you take your kids to McDonald's occasionally, chances are that they get the same meals and the prices are always the same.

This particular day, we were at the drive through and our usual price was displayed on the screen. But when we got to the cashier, she mentioned a different price.

I repeated our order; and she informed me that there was no mistake. We paid 4 dollars more for our order. I got my card back with no receipt. I asked for one.

She informed me that receipts are given with the meals.

I drive up, get my food and ask for my receipt. The lady is perplexed and I forms me that the cashier should have given me one.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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You guys do know that the tax on food changes right?


i have been ordering 2 hashbrowns on and off for a month on mornings i'm rushing and need to get breakfast on the go. as far as four weeks ago, i was paying $1.77.

then they started to charge me $2.50. i didn't question it until a couple of more times, i got charged back to $1.77 so when they tried to charge me last week for $2.50, i inquired. they said that i was mis-charged the previous times. I wasn't happy.

something didn't add up. this morning, i took notice on the board that 1 hashbrown was something like $1.09 (the *** girl last week said that one costs $1.25). and that 2 was a better value - $1.69 (add tax to bring up to $1.77). so i told her this morning what it said on the board when she asked me for $2.50.

she said that that's only if you get a combo. which makes no sense! why the *** would it tell the single cost and then the double cost if this is about a combo??? plus, this was listed under Sides/Snacks.

she called her supervisor who told her she was wrong. so i complained that i've paid $2.50 (they owe me about $5) and the *** girl said, "oh... i think this is something new." i replied back, "no, it isn't.

i've been experiencing this back and forth in prices for a month now.

she closed the window - no apologies, nothing. i'm going to call mcdonald's and complain.

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