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mcdonald's location at 753 st george ave in woodbridge nj charges more for the same menu items as the other store in the same township, that is a mile away. employee excuse is "different owners".

these owners have lost my family's business. if both locations are so close to each other, why does this one store, for example, charge 89 cents for an apple pie, when at least 2 other stores in the area charge 69 cents. how special do these owners think they are? they only have business anymore, that i can see, because of a school across the street.

i have since spoken to several people who had tried this location out when new, but do not go back. i will not either, anymore

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Mcdonalds Cons: Over-pricing.

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Cheapskate, it says prices and participation may vary. What part of that is confusing to you?


You might have spoken to some people that feel the same way as you. But as a whole most people will go to the place closest to them in order to save on gas and wear and tear on their car.

It usually costs more to go further away, just because something is a few cents cheaper someplace else.

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