Noblesville, Indiana
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Every time I go to a McDonalds, my drink is so full that it leaks all over me and my car. It is irritating.

I understand the automated drink system, as the employees are usually too *** to make drinks themselves, but jeeeeeez!!!! Why must I ruin my clothes and leather because I desired a diet coke????? Get it together McD's!!!!! I want a drink but don't need to be soaked because of the extra 60ml you MUST put in my cup!

We are a technologically advanced world, surely this can't be super complicated.

It is not especially difficult to prepare a drink without making the styrofoam cup being on the *** of explosion. I just bought a car with leather interior and I wish I didn't have to spill *** on it!!!

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Albany, New York, United States #686133

If they didn't fill your cup up, you'd still be *** because they shortchanged you. Big whoop you have leather seats in your 20 year old car you just bought, you should be glad you didn't have cloth fat ***

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