Minden, Louisiana
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I remember back when I was little our French teacher at school taught us how to saw and order everything on the menu at McDonald's in French. Then after we had learned how to say everything on the menu in French and also how to order everything on the menu in French, she rewarded all of us with McDonald's Hamburgers and French Fries that she had brought to the classroom for us to indulge in.

For the life of me, I can't remember how to say a single item on the McDonald's menu today. The only thing that I know how to say in French about McDonald's is when they screw up my order and I become pissed off and have to say "Pardon My French" to the other customers and employees after I give them a piece of my mind on their incompetence.

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If it is so bad, why do you and millions of others go there?


Not Millions, But Billions!