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I'm sorry McDonalds, but your Chicken Nuggets are MUCH more harmful than a pitt. I have been raised around this breed my whole life, and never once had one *** me and/or try to choke me.

Where as your nuggets, have actually tried to kill me on 3 different occasions. Choked on cartilage both times, and have refused them since. If you're going to try and compare your unhealthy and very harmful nuggets to something - try comparing them to a BEAR, or a CHIHUAHUA, or a CHOW!!! Those are MUCH MORE viscous animals!

This poor breed has a bad rep as it is - they don't need your IGNORANCE making it worse. Learn to do some research before opening your mouths/fingers. And also try taking into consideration how many lives you will KILL by putting something like this out to the public.

Ignorant people are already looking for ways to be able to rid society of these poor babies - they don't need your help!


Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Chicken Nuggets.

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Its too bad you ruined your comment by suggesting other dogs be portrayed as dangerous. You clearly know very little about dogs, and should probably give yours to someone who understands its the owner - not the dog - who can be the problem. ***.


Get a life you LOOSERS! What happened to free speech? Guess it only exists if it does not offend some whiney baby who has nothing better to do than search for something to harp about...personally I would never eat at mcdonalds or own a pitt bull...but get real you FRIGGING FASCISTS!


I found their advertisement to be completely factual. Pit bulls are the most deadly type of dogs, killing more pets and people than all other breeds of dogs combined!

McDonalds knows what's up! Kudos to them!


My CHOW was killed by a pit bull.

He loved Chicken McNuggets.


Mcdonalds should be ashamed of themselves for an advertisement like this. Pitbulls are no more dangerous than any other breed.

They are definitely no more dangerous than chicken nuggets.

Chicken nuggets are made unhealthy by humans and Bad pitbulls are also made by humans because they are a very smart loyal breed. Once again blame the owners not the breed.


I have gotten sick on McDonalds food more then once and will never eat there again not only because of getting sick but now because they have put down the Pit Bull breed which is really a loving caring breed when treated right. Pits are a really nice breed.


This is super unfair to the pitties and as a pit owner myself I'm always advocating the breed. However we don't need to make the world worse for the chihuahuas or the chows either.


Not only is the advertising false but it creating an unfair image in the public eye for dogs. My work made 55 calls to McDondalds complainging about the aid 18002446227 and plan on doing a sit in at local McDonalds on February 16th at 6:30pm with are Pittbulls and other dogs.


freakin ridiculous i find the commercial completely offensive.

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