1304 Hwy 136 W, Rockport, MO 64482
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Lately I have been going to my McDonald’s and every time I get to the window to get my food, they ask for me to pull forward. They ask this even if I’m the only person in the parking lot!

The reason they do this is because McDonald’s times how long it takes for them to get the food out. If they pull you forward then they don’t get timed! I have refused to pull forward before only to have the manager YELL at me and say that this is their policy and it always has been. Funny, because I live close to this McDonald’s and have eaten there for over 20 years and they just now started doing this.

They LIED to their customers, which makes me feel very comfortable with eating there. (NOT) On top of that, they got the order wrong and then blamed me! They claimed that I said something different, and when I showed them the receipt they exclaimed “whatever!” And slammed the window.

Worst service I have ever received? McDonald’s in Rock Port, Missouri.

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The best thing is to always go into the store and not the drive-thru. That way, you can inspect the contents of your bag to verify the correctness of the order. Go to the McDonald's main website and submit a complaint about this location.


Mr.Kitchener, what is your opinion on ordering from the kiosks in McDonald's? I always go to the front counter because I am always using a Booger King coupon, so I have never had the opportunity to use them. Thank you for your time answering my question.


Hey buddy, what's your favorite meal to get from McDonald's ??? With Special Sauce or without Special Sauce ???