Naples, Florida
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If you were to do a surprise visit to the Sebing North Store. You would be Shocked!!

As this is is your # 5 store. To say the least the customers are treated wrongly. Managers are in dis re-respect, not only to customers,yet also employees.How do I know. I am in employee.I have had several customers complain as they will not return when certain managers are there.What do I do???

I have tried to talk to David and Steve.This goes no where. I have been there for almost a year. Please note. I have done management for 3 years at Dominos.

2 years at Island food stores and never have I dis- respected in my work history to customers.All I do know as in the past year when you show up and they know this, it is all sugar coated.Trust me as I am your main cleaner.The children's seats are so nasty,no-one will use them. The soda machine I have wiped slime out of them. The creamer machine has so much cream you could make cottage cheese out of it as no one has cleaned it sinced i DID. i AM SORRY TO WRITE TO YOU, but I am tired of being payed 5 cents more then minimum wage and being treated like a dog cleaner.

The oil for your fryer is totally discusting for your WORLDS FAMOUS FRIES, I was so embarous on Dec,24,2008 to give out fries.It was to say the least, Well what are going to do.shorten my hours because I wrote this or correct it!!I have taken a copy of this for future problems! No I do not want trouble. Only The store to be corrected.I do like working there, but can not deal with such ignorant stress.I have been there under medical problems which accured under your em-ployment, yet I chose to pay for thi on my own. I did not know when they told me I had right shoulder trouble it was job re-lated.

So I chose to leave work man's comp alone and seek other help.

I am not the kind of person who is sue happy or to try to start trouble. Just very concerned about the store.Please contact me at Shovlin

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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#114178 were not "embarous" on Dec,24,2008 ?



please note this was just a joke. i was only kidding.

did not think this was going to go this far. i love my job.....we have the best store in highlands county and proud of it. did not realize this was going to cause trouble!

I was home sick with nothing better to do. please except my


Then you need to quit loser, quit and live in your parents basement. Good luck finding another job in todays economy.