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i pulled up to the menu to place my order. the worker (maricela) there asked to take my

order. after giving my order at the menu there was no response. even after repeating my

order several times. i pulled up to the second window and tried to give my order. mericela

stood there as if she did not understand anything that was being said. that is called being

evasive. next she asked me to write my order down on a peice a napkin. that was very

insulting to me because every other customer was able to vocally speak and recieve fast

service. yet mericela wanted to pretend like she didnt understand anything in order to

portray there being a issue. the only issue was the gap in communication. so finally she

went to get her manager. i was given the name elena rodriguez as the managers name. i tried

to explain the situation yet elena just evaded my explanations to ask for my order. i told

her my order over 3 times right at the window. after giving my order elena would just give

me a long suspecting stare. she looked at me like there had to be some ulterior motive

behind me placing a simple order. i asked her what the problem was with taking my order. she

replied about how i always caused the problem. that is called singling a person out and

being biased. it is wrong to make those type of accusations based on her workers' poor

service. then she threatend to call the police on me for simply trying to address the

customer service issue. she should be fired because that is just uncalled for

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

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That doesn't make any sense. I get the feeling there's more to to the story.

I don't understand why she would act that way for no reason, especially if she understood orders from other customers. Managers don't usually threaten to call the police unless there's a real problem. And by the way, if you post things online, you WILL get critiqued whether you like it or not, so get over yourself and grow up. If you don't want criticism or people questioning your story, then don't post it on the internet in the first place.

After reading your childish responses to other people, I think I understand why that employee may have had a problem with you. I wouldn't want to deal with you, either.


You are correct, this is America and you have the right to type like a completely, illiterate *** if you choose, but do complain when other people, also exercising there freedom of speech, make comment like the other poster. I would say you probably have a lot of problems and I don't care about any of them so good luck.


first of all i could care less about your 2 cents on whats not proper grammer. that is not the basis of the topic here.

other than that if the freedom of speech is against any facts that i present then yes there will be a rebuttle. thats just common sense. so how is judging a person who you never had any interaction or experience with logical or sensible ? instead of making immature remarks why dont you try using some intelligence if you have any for a valid argument?

you are nothing more to me than another online troll trying to get your rocks off. whether you "care" or not about my complaint is really insignificant and without importance so take that along with you.


Did it ever occur to you, that if Maricela could understand the other customers and fill their orders, that it must be something either in your attitude or speech? If they could understand the other customers there must be something wrong with you.

Could it be that you are just plain trying to cause trouble? Take a look at your complaint, you don't have one single capital letter, you have used improper punctuation in your entire complaint. You divided it up into paragraphs where there was no need for a new paragraph.

I would suggest you work at improving your writing skills and maybe you reading and speech skills will improve too.


first of all we are not sitting in middle school class so dont critique and criticise how i type. i am in a place called america where people are free to type as they chose. if i want to capitalize my letters then ill do that on my own terms. for now i could care less. that has nothing to do with the issue that will be addressed accordingly. i can type in english and i can speak it as well. so that thing about them not understanding me is a bunch of biased nonsense. those workers know what they are doing and that is to portray a situation by evading my orders and running to the manager. that does not belong in the field of customer service. you dont not decide who you will serve and who you will avoid when working in a major corporation ok. there are certain guidlines that must be followed. I will list those guidelines below:

1) being able to listen effectively

2) knowing that a upset customer is more of a service opportunity.

3) the customer is always right

4) no matter who the customer is every order should be taken

5) debating and argument with a customer is inappropriate

In other words workers who dont listen effectively do not belong in the customer service business. if a customer is trying to place a order just take the order and stop trying to see it as a suspect situation. if the customer complains about poor service then the customers complaint should come first. not your own selfish opinions and bias views about the customer. mcdonalds is a major corporation that deals in BUSINESS!! so if you cant distinguish business from personal matters then you dont belong in the field of customer service or managing the resturaunt. when you disregard a customers order do to your bias assumptions and views then you become a more of a LIABILITY!! to the business as a whole ok. maricela was capable of understanding every other customer so there was no excuse. they know what they are doing when they avoid particular customers and that is while they smile. they are trying to portray a situation to be other than what it is. its a form of trickery and deceit. yet narrow minded people who manage the resturaunt are always willing to buy into that. you dont pick and chose who you serve PERIOD!! either take every customers order while leaving your little personal perceptions out of the equation or leave the organization. that is NOT GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE!! so do your research about customer service before replying out of ignorance. your assumptions are incorrect and void of being valid. your insinuations hold no water either. people like you are good at manipulating and taking things out of context but you will not prevent this issue from being addressed to the proper authoritys ok. so go ahead and dismiss yourself and your idiotic claims.