Joliet, Illinois
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I recieved an incorrect order On Tuesday, Janurary 16 2013.... I calleDand a manager by the name of Hector took my name, my INCORRECT order and informed me....with or without him it would b made right.

I don't like to eat fast food every day as well as many AMERICANS so I came to the Jefferson St. McDonald'sI in Joliet, IL at 7:20 p.m.....on January 18, 20013, and gave the information (said Hector) my name was not on the list he said it would be and I was mocked and laughed at by the 2 managers working.

I let customers know in and out of the store that if they got and incorrect order...(regarles of the inconsideration to them or their family) they were "***". I plan to tell every single person I know, love, friend, and work with of my *** experience at this store AND from now on I will spend my hard earned money somewhere it is Burger King, White Castle etc etc etc.......

Monetary Loss: $10.

  • hard earned money
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You should check your order before you get home. When you check it at the site, and it is wrong, they will correct it promptly.