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On Oct 19th, i ordered for my entire family via the drive through. The driver thru operator was very rude and argued with me about my order until the manager said that she was wrong. They handed me my order and once i was home i realized they purposely did the opposite of my order. Burgers with no onions had extra onions, ordered extra salt .. no extra salt ect. Ect.

I called management, mr. Chang or chan told me he would give me my order on another date the way we ordered it just ask for him. This evening my wife and i walked in to the McDonald's, store #5699, and the same manager honored our meal and personally entered it, reviewed it with us, and placed the order. Since it was ordered by him we chose to not sit at the counter and review 4 happy meals a quarter pounder meal, and a big mac meal with an extra large fry with extra salt, in which he said it would have extra salt on it... not the bags of salt.

Low and behold we get home and the happy meals have literally 4 or 5 fries in their meal, apples instead of yogurt and no cheese with extra onions on the kids cheeseburger.... which obviously requested no onions.

Move on to the meals, and the quarter pounder had a mound of onions on it, the large fries were half filled, if that. And the patties on both burgers were not fresh to say the least. It was as if they were day old and reheated, chewy and rubbery.

When i called in no one answered for a half an hour. When i finally did get through, a very rude woman who talked down to me and didn't care what i was asking wouldn't listen to my complaint and hung up on me very quickly. I'm very upset. I feel mistreated and discriminated against. I feel violated

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Clearly you shouldn't be going to a fast food restaurant if youre going to nitpick every little thing. You paid for terrible quality food with terrible quality service, pick off the onions and eat the food.


You sound like a frequent idiot and trouble maker. Be glad there wasn't a little extra protein in your meals. Want it your way, go to BK...


Complicated orders are not easy for your typical McDonalds employee to make. If you have any kind of special requests to your order, the chances of them screwing it up are very high.

I think that McDonalds should donate all of the food that is screwed up to the homeless instead of just throwing it into the trash.

They could have a bunch of cardboard boxes to the side to put all of the sandwiches and food items that were screwed up and then they can arrange to have someone from a homeless shelter come by everyday to pick them up every few hours. Waste not, want not.


Complicated orders are not good for the drive through. Cook at home.