2650 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89102, USA
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I went into McDonald’s on both 5/1-5/2 2018. I was treated like crap both day by the manager named Edwin at the Sahara and Teddy location in Las Vegas, NV.

Day one my triple cheeseburger was handed to me out of the wrapper, Edwin was standing next to the young man helping me, when I asked if this is how you give customers there food? He disregarded me by pointing to the young man and walking away to speak to a women in the back. Edwin was never concerned, never spoke to me or apologized as a manager before walking away. Today I ordered 4 cookies 2 sugar and 2 chocolate chip, two chicken strips and again a triple cheeseburger plain also a mcgriddle.

I was given a 4 chocolate chip cookies which I showed my Receipt proving my request for two of each flavor which Edwin seem to have been Annoyed also the two strips had to have been sitting there all day because they were hard. I still was not bothered but wanted it corrected. Edwin was extremely irritated by me requesting fresh strips, he hands them to the person In The back kitchen and sarcastically shook his head and said I have no idea and threw his hands up in frustration. when they asked what was wrong.

At this point I’m now annoyed because I’m a paying customer and clearly can’t understand why he’s upset about me not wanting to eat something I’m sure he wouldn’t eat. It made me reflect on the attitude that was given to me the day before. I asked for his business card he refused to give one to me asking what do I need it for Causing a scene in the establishment, he pointed to the wall telling me if I want to call I can he don’t care and that I should have said something to his manager yesterday because he don’t remember me. I think it’s sad that he don’t remember me because I was a customer with poor service who tried to talk to home before I was dismissed.

Edwin is very rude and disrespectful and can’t handle himself Professionally he was irate yelling and then decided to ingnore me all together. Edwin never had to make such a big fuss in front of other customers all he had to do was give a business card. He knew he was wrong and that’s why he refused. If there’s cameras it will clearly show prof.

I would love to speak to someone about this matter please. My name is Nicola Bracks (702)505-7789

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Let the Buyer Beware when purchasing food from McDonalds!


I really wonder how many crank phone calls they got.


Why did you post your name and phone information on here ???? Pffff


You sound like a drama queen. Start eating at home


Exactly lay off the cookies and eat healthy there is always enough air to eat fat ***

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