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Wellsboro, PA - McDonalds Drive-Thru - My last visit was pretty much like most of my visits to the Wellsboro McDonalds. I pull up to the drive thru screen, place my order, pull to the first window and pay then proceed to the second window where I am told that my small simple order is not ready and I must pull ahead and wait...

and wait... until every vehicle behind me has been taken care of. I understand that this will happen from time to time, but the Wellsboro McDonalds considers this a normal standard procedure and then after you have been told to pull ahead you will always wait until they have taken care of everybody behind you. It is kind of hard to believe that when you are told to pull ahead they are waiting on your fries that the six cars behind you must not have ordered fries since they get taken care of first...

I called the toll free complaint line - 800-244-6227 - and spoke to a very professional person. The Wellsboro McDonalds called me back the next day. Said he was sorry and offered to replace my order. I told him I was not interested, that I wanted to see a change in his policy of pushing cars aside and leaving them waiting for unreasonable lengths of time.

He admitted that it does happen. I told him it happens way too often.

I then told him that I would be recommending to everybody who goes to the Wellsboro McDonalds that when they are told to pull forward they should ask for a refund and refuse to pull forward. If enough people do that maybe they will start to try a little harder to put the "fast" back in fast food.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Drive-through.

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Genius if people refuse to pull forward when asked they can call the police on them.


I don't know who you people are but I used to work at the Mansfield McDonalds and we all take pride in our service. Wellsboro is connected to Mansfield by ownership and if one store is struggling we help anyway we can.

I used to work with people from the Wellsboro store. They are very nice people and I *** me off when people complain about our service. My view is why don't you get a job at a fast food restaurant like McDonalds and see it from an employee point of view. And I do appreciate the people on here who are defending McDonalds and I say thank you.

So if you don't like the service at McDonalds then stop eating there go somewhere else.

That's all I have to say. :(


I live and work in the tioga area and know of the McDonalds in Wellsboro and the people who both work there and their customers. They try Very Hard every day to do a good job.

I sit in lobby eating my lunch (buisest time of day it seems) and everyone is moving with purpose and waiting on the customers with a smile. Are they perfect no. But no one is. Do they mess up sometimes yes but then everyone does.

Most of the customers I observe are nice friendly people. But like in everything some customers are Rude. And I watch the employees at this McDonalds take it with a smile. Oh and just so you do not think all I do is eat in, I too go through Drive Thru when I am in a hurry and yes sometimes I get parked.

And you know what I am ok with that.

The service people always apoligise and bring me my food with a smile when it is ready. Reading this complaint only shows me the small mind behind this childish post.


Wellsboro McDonalds has the worst customer service in the world


Its just poor management! The McDonalds Drive Thru in Mansfield is NOT like that at all!!! Plus the workers are friendlier than those at the Wellsboro McDonalds!!


like the other guy said, maybe those people didn't order fries. you can't assume that they did.

I've been told to pull forward and wait plenty of times at my local McDonald's. it usually isn't more than a couple minutes so instead of being a little whiny girl like you, I just wait. just as long as my food is good, that's the most important part.

you expect them to let you stay waiting at the window while your fries are finishing but I'm sure you would complain if you were the one waiting behind the person in front of you because the fries are still being made. so basically, you're gonna be a little *** either way.


Apparently you have never worked in fast food. It isn't so unreasonable to think that the cars in back of you didn't order fries.

Fast food places now have good salads, some people might have ordered just a sandwich or a shake or a drink. Also besides the drive up orders they have to fill orders inside too. They are filled in the order that they come up on the computer monitor. Where you parked when you pulled ahead you more than likely couldn't see everything that was being handed out to the other cars.

If you don't like the way the drive up operates pull into a parking place and go inside to place your order, but be aware there are times that the inside customers have to wait for part of their orders too. Grow up.


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