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Keysborough mcdonalds 3173, by far had the worse experience this evening.


Through the drive through with missing chips, come to realize later that they are stale and non-fresh and soggy.

Including the fact they forgot the chips as part of the order to begin with!


The 2 large cokes that we ordered were not even coca cola, but water with the faded brown colour full of ice.

Thirdly specifically,

The Asian chicken noodle Salad did not contain any noodles at all.

Also have tried to contact their franchise 10 times via telephone right after but with no answers, I am absolutely aphold with this service, it is not exceptable.

All I wanted was a decent acceptable meal with my family.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $26.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Mcdonalds Cons: Service, Food, Employees, Time, Delivery, Chips, Salad, Coke.

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Auburn, Massachusetts, United States #883608

first you might want to try spelling better and an "acceptable" meal from McDonald's? you're not serious are you?

everyone and I mean EVERYONE knows you go there for a quick *** to eat not an acceptable meal. that being said I do have to ask a couple questions by "chips missing" do you mean French fries? I know in some places they call them chips is why I ask. second you say they were missing but then "come to realize later they were stale and non-fresh soggy" so you went back I take it to report the missing "chips" ?

also you complain about the cokes not being coca cola but faded brown colour full of ice? most fountain drinks are watered down and there's always lots of ice they cost pennies on the dollar to make and they make even more money when you get another one. the mix itself may have been off due to low/empty syrup box however.

and lastly why would you complain on here about the service without contacting them first?

if their franchise owners weren't returning the calls that's when you call McDonald's coporate office. the franchise owners believe it or not do have to answer to them as they are representatives of their company. I know from experience as I worked for a fast food company, several in fact, almost all were franchise owned.

I even worked for a McDonald's that had gotten so many complaints that McDonald's corporate had to revoke their franchise licenese and take their store over until another franchisee could be found.

so while my reply might sound harsh I apologize it's just how I am. I would keep contacting them until they rectify this.

First Born Triplet
to notgivingit #885348

If you are talking about how she spelled colour that is the British/Canadian spelling.

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