Riviera Beach, Florida
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Mc donalds on broadway in Riviera Beach, fl, is a poor restaurant with poorly trained ppl, with poorly done food. I got Sausage biscuit with only egg and cheese, which was this morning the 18th of august 2013.

I went yesterday and got a 20 pc nugget with a small fry and apple pie. I have worked there 10 yrs ago when i was 18 so i know how stuff should go and how it suppose to be when corp comes. The fries had too much salt on them i guess they didnt turn/flip them enough, the apple pies were chewy, that mean they didnt take them out when the timer they put on the boxers rain out.

A numerous of things, just would like to put a few out, not out for blood just want them corrected. I live near this particular mc donalds and i would like to see approvement thanks.

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omg im not bashing mc donalds all over the world, just this one in my particular area of south florida. I see you guys commenting from all over, not knocking mc donalds globally, just this one.

I know theres better franchises like chick fil a, cr chicks, buds, long john silver, burger king, taco bell, but this particular one im posting about b/c i grew up there and its been doing down the tube in the last few yrs. I use to work at mc donalds 10 yrs ago when i was 17, we had inspections, we kept stuff up, this is just something letting ppl know if they been through the same stuff like bad food, nasty drinks due to the water line, chewy old apple pies, and made food that has stuff left off or barely put on, then blog like me, for better improvement.


To me it sounds like you are trying to make trouble, you go two days in a row and had trouble both times. Sounds fishy to me.

Do you honestly think that in 10 years, menus items haven't been changed? The fries could be prepared at a different location and come pre-salted.

I'm sure when you "worked" at McDonald's they didn't have the apple pies. What do you mean when you say that "mean" they them out when the timer they put on the "boxers rain" out." Do you honestly mean the pies are cooked in the boxes that they are packed in?" Get a grip on you own imperfections before you criticize others.


Just to let you know i worked at mcds it sucked but no they didnt cook the pies in the box it was on a pan n boxed after not defending them just stating a fact


Sioux Falls, how many sites a day do you reply to?


Since your such an expert why dont you open a restaurant? Dont you think methods have changed over a ten year period KNOW IT ALL??? :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin