Arlington, Virginia

Earlier this week I saw your TV ad about a Pot Pie meal. Tonight I asked a staff member if they had this item.

Cashier could not understand my order but said she had the item. Terrible speaker system was part of the reason I guess. I got to the window, paid my bill and was handed a bag with McBites. I again asked if she had the Pot Pie - she said with some negative attitude "did you check the outside menu?" I responded that that was why I asked her but she continued to think I meant McBites.

Our exchange got testy and she again showed attitude and kept repeating her question. I asked to speak with the mgr, who also could not answer my question, "do you have the Chicken Pot Pie?" She (the mgr) also said that I ordered McBites - which I did not! I asked for my money back then left without my order. The name of the item, Chicken Pot Pie, seems to confuse folks speaking english as a second language - plus the staff hours on the job seems to have cut tempers short for both staffers.

Have you seen UNDERCOVER BOSS? Maybe your corporation should.

Frankly, returning soon to a McDonalds anytime soon is not on my agenda. This is the second time (at two different locales) that the Pot Pie has left staff wondering what I was asking for.

Monetary Loss: $5.

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This is hilarious. I would be confused too I worked at McDonald's and you were asking for a chicken pot pie!

You got the wrong company and now you look like an ***!! :x


LOL!!!! Fail....


McDonalds doesn't have a Pot Pie. You have failed.

And apparently them telling you at the first store that they DON'T HAVE POT decided to try again at another McDonalds. So you failed EPICLY.


It was KFC advertising the chicken pot pie. You are slamming McDonalds over something they do not have!

You sir, are an ***