Dawsonville, Georgia

On march 16 2011 went to mcdonalds restaurant in chatsworth, ga. and ordered 2 double chesseburgers for a dollar each with tartar sauce on them instead of mustard and catchup and they were going to charge me $3.19.

when I asked them why they said they charged extra for the order to be changed. But added if I would have left the mustard and catchup on there wouldn't have been a extra charge. I would have charged me $1.02 for the tartar sauce.

If that's not food gouging I don't what is. The3re should a law against that.

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The double cheeseburgers are not a dollar. Dumb ***.


hey ds22.. thats comment was unnessesary.

why dont u get a life and stop finding comments to answer that u dont have the answer to.. as i see it the only dumb one is you.


There should be a law against charging for tartar sauce?


It's McDonald's.....NOT Burger King. You don't get it your way,dumba$$.

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