Orlando, Florida

beware of this horrible mcdonalds...it is only full of disgusting rat employees who are cruel and abusive to people coming in there. unfortunately, this is the closest mcdonalds ot me and i used to go there often. throughout the years i experienced nothing but abuse bad treatment...mean attitudes...crazy female employees mostly-- the men were ok from what it seemed. The crazy females work at the drive thrus. i even stopped going there for a year because of how crazy and rude the female employees were--black or white or any race. in fact its really weird but the *** manager there chris only seems to hire denegerates and psychopaths there--no joke. I go to MANY mcdonalds...some the people are really nice, and some they're ok but nothing is as bad as the UCF mcdonalds on alafaya in orlando, fl. seriously this freak only hires degenerates and crazy jungle animals to work here who are abusive loud crazy and psychotic. also the female employees are ugly fat and some look like hippos.

im a pretty female who is kind/sweet so it seems they just hated me...and were always mean to me. but then it got better and there were ok people working there so i started going back. However, one day i encountered this really ugly gorilla demon faced n*gger at the drive thru. This wench I swear looked like jail bait..like she belongs in jail rather than working with the public...it wasn't how she looked it's that she was SO RUDE and yelled at me abt something. I was upset and complained to the manager-- the two 'managers' i complained to were ugly fat cows...now in orlando esp the UCF area there are LOTS of ugly fat cow women working in *** places like mcdonalds...these women are ugly fat and RUDE mean and jealous of thin pretty women. so if you're thin/pretty and they are jealous of you they will mistreat you. The two cows didn't really care...one was spic and one was fat white trash. also these cows seem like they are 18 years old and have no brains or education...just trailer park trash- esp no place to be able to judge situations or do anything about them. In fact I assume children run this mcdonalds?

so the ugly gorilla n*gger who was rude ot me i complained about. Then two weeks later, i encountered the hideous gorilla n*gger wh*re at the drive thru (im insulting this *** for how badly she treated me and how these sick people treated me so many times for no reason while im a normal polite nice customer-- i just happen to be pretty which I guess really plsses these ugly fat jealous wh*res off)...I'm nice kind polite and believe in treating people with respcet, but at this mcdonalds i got nothing but abuse harassment mistreatment. This jungle animal gorilla demon n*gger (nothing against black people just this ugly gorilla n*gger that works at this mcdonalds which I swear should be swimming in the sewers where this ugly hideous rat belongs)....i went through the drive thru and the ugly gorilla n*gger just SNATCHED my card from me really hard-- to where it hurt..rudely of course. I was about to tell the ugly violent n*gger that belongs in the sewers that she can't snatch my card from me. Before I could tell this n*gger gorilla faced ugly freak this, this wh*re just THREW my card at me in my car. I was shocked upset...of course..then the ugly n*gger gorilla just SHUT the window staring at me with her hideous gorilla man face---yes she is HIDEOUSLY ugly. She looks like a mix between a gorilla that fuked an uglier gorilla. She looks like a man and she is SO rude. So of course i went to the next window to complain but there were four ***/liars there all claiming to be managers. no one seemed to care that their crazy violent evil gorilla ugly employee is throwing credit cards at customers. Then the spic fat cow previous manager came and she basically just treated me like *** and didn't care.

of course i called the main manager 'chris' the next day to file my complaint. Chris the child retard brushed it off as 'bad customer service' and said he'd review the tapes. I called chris the 18 year old white trash incompetent retard weeks later and CHRIS began accusing me of being a racist...oh why? because the RACIST N*GGER who THREW SOMETHING AT ME TOLD HIM I DIDNT LIKE HER BEcAUSE OF THE COLOR OF HER SKIN AND WAS MAKING UP STORIES ABOUT HER. are you *** kidding me??? this is crazy...seriously. so a racist gorilla n*gger can throw things at customers, get away with it then call THEM RACISTS after abusing them??? chris was out of line...sick evil. basically he seemed to be siding with the lying violent mcdonalds employees and even ensured previously that he only hires the BEST and nicest people...lol really??? the employees that work there i promise you are the WORST. even if you go to the worst ghetto area in orlando even at THAT mcdonalds the employees are more civil and nicer than the UCF mcdonalds full of the WORST college student insane female employees ever.

chris was evil and horrible and basically siding with his lying violent employees ensuring he has good judgment when hiring psychopaths. The gorilla demon employee seriously is one of the ugliest rudest b*tches you can encounter. this lying sack of *** chris claimed that she got COMPLIMENTS from employees?? omg..it was shocking...how can someone so disgusting and rude and vile get compliments??? chris was a psychopath defending his horrible employees and lying to defend them. He even lied and claimed the owner was contacted, which was a lie oh and he claimed he reviewed the tape and that she was handing me the card-- again lol? really?? he didnt even know what kind of car i drove and lied and said he reviewed a tape he didn't review. Please beware of this mcdonalds...it is full of violent sick deranged female employees...yes it is ONLY THE WOMEN here that are crayz sick evil. If you are a pretty female, they will mistreat and harass you and throw things at you and get away with it and the incompetent nutjob CHRIS will defend them.

i have been to maybe 7 other mcdonalds in the area and one i go to now...the people are SUPER nice and so sweet..its SHOCKING!! compared to the deranged animal lunatics at the UCF mcdonalds...its like a huge shock to encounter such NICE employees at mcdonalds. at other mcdonalds they are nice too and not always perfect but at least decent and civil. Nothing compared ot the jungle monkeys you find working at the UCF mcdonalds. the UCF mcdonalds is a horrible sick place employed by ugly jealous fat women who abuse other women. Also im a minority female who has been abused misrteated harassed had things thrown at me then accused of being a racist by a n*gger gorilla ape wh*re piece of *** who is violent and abuses customers. This is the WORST mcdonalds ever beware...and i know people who have worked there who have talked about how these filthy psychos even spit in people's food....beware!

oh and they need to keep this violent deranged female gorilla n*gger wh*re that works at this mcdonalds CAGED..that thing does not belong around people working with the public. that ugly thing has no manners and is a filthy hideous piece of ***

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"Oh, I hate this McDonald's but I keep going back". Give me a *** break!

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I am completely SHOCKED that they would think you are racist!!! :x