Bronx, New York
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I just found five pubic-looking hairs in a coffee cup. This location looked like an angry mob had attacked the restaurant last night about half an hour before I arrived to get a cup of coffee and wait for the next train.

The first cup had some weird brown things floating in it that looked like maybe bits of coffee had stuck to the side of the carafe so I asked for a new cup. I was very polite.

After almost finishing the second cup which looked normal, I find two coarse little hairs stuck to the walls of the cup at the bottom. After moving the coffee around, I find more hairs with the follicles attached in the coffee.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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There are some really sick people replying to this thread who apparently have nothing better to do with their time than troll like a kid. Pathetic.


BS Meter: Over 90000! :eek


How much you want to bet that those are OP's 'pubic-looking hairs' pictures in that coffee cup? lul


This isn't bs! It just happened to me right now.

I got a coffee from McDonald's and felt a thick hair in my mouth! I pulled it out with disgust, and it was a jet black coarse hair with also the follicle attached to it.


I call BS

@Ricardo Cabeza

Uh, NO! I don't have the time, energy or desire to be making up *** bad reviews.

I complained about the coffee, and the replacement cup had the hair in it. Period.


I bet that was not dairy creamer either......


Time for another lawsuit


Gross!!! I will not go to McDonald restaurant. Ewwwww!