Concord, New Hampshire

laconia new hampshire. mcdonald's stopped in for breakfast,as i waited for my order, another customer from the drive tru came inside with a sandwich that was made wrong, watched the cashier open it up look at it re wrap and return it to the serving station for someone else to purchase it.

i ask why they put it there and not in the trash can right next to them the manager say's there to busy they will throw it away later, wrong answer you need to throw it out as soon as it was returned.

many complaints from this non qualified bunch of employees. something needs to be done about this location.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Sandwich.

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Returning the sandwich to the bin to be served to the next unsuspecting customer is UNACCEPTABLE. Too bad the health inspector wasn't there that day.

Find out the franchise owner's name and let them know. Unfortunately, a lot of franchise owners don't keep their fingers on the pulse of their business.


Do you know what you are?"A NOISEY *** B----.Learn to mind your own business.Theses people know what they are doing.You are the one who is in their business.


That is disgusting. There is always time.

And what if the person returned it had nasty hands... touched the burger ir licked it? They put the sandwich back up and could mistakenly sell it... it is a freaking concern.

Who cares if we don't know the procedure, get right. Hardly something to be worried about my foot. I hope you're not eating a sandwich accidentally served to you that wasn't suppose to.

You'd be outraged. :x


Usually if it's made wrong, and not eaten, they don't serve it again. It's thrown in a waste bin to be accounted for later and then thrown away.

If they can't get to a bin quickly they just place it in a part of the bin not being used. Usually.

You don't know the procedures of these restaurants, and while your complaint is valid, it's hardly something to be concerned about.


There should be many waste cans they can quickly get to. It's definetly not procedure for them to put it back in the bin.

They is no part of it not being used and if they were busy it was probably full.

The manager and crew were careless and lazy and shouldnt work there. Upset customer was 100 percent right.


Your lace of capitalization, poor punctuation, poor spelling, and grammar leaves a lot to be desired, before your start complaining about other people and things.


What is a "lace" of capitalization?


LOL! Anonymous from Sioux Falls just ate crow!

I love it!

Also, he/she/it should have had a period at the end of "a lot to be desired", instead of a comma. This is a good example of why people who want to be grammar *** should check themselves first, so they don't look ignorant.