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McDonald's along with Walmart have taken advantage of the average American worker. Anyone who has ever worked at the fastfood king knows that their expectations of their workers pales in comparison to what it pays them.

And its even worse if they work for owner operators. They continually brag about their billions in quarterly earnings but you never hear about a single portion of it being passed down to its workers. No wonder they get flooded with customer complaints. How do you expect a worker making 7-8 dollars an hour and probably a 10-20 cent annual increase to care about a billion dollar corporation's image.

Note to McDonald's: Before you can totally take care of the customer the way you so veimently expect your workers to. Try providing them with a decent wage.

So 4 billion becomes 3.5 billion in your quarterly earnings. Isn't it worth it in the big picture?

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Customer Care.

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Then open your own business, smart guy. Ensure you pay for all of the advertising, all of the upkeep, all of the food, utilities, take all of the risk, etc.

then make sure you pay your employees at least $20.00 per hour to put meat patties between bread, or stack cans on a shelf.

Pies Up!!!

Give me a break. T


I hate to disappoint you but all the fast food places, and discount stores, all pay roughly the same wages. Various employees will leave one place for a similar place because they heard that the second place pays more than the first place, and the employee will be gone for a few months and then they will be back at the first place because they decided the working conditions were better at the first place.

This even happens with some of the assistant managers. I know this because I have personally seen it happen.