Bronx, New York
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My daughter did a service through Uber and my Quarter Pounder was not cooked well on inside. It was red.

Try calling store on Bruckner Blvd. no answer.’What are you going to do for me that is money wasted.

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You wasted money at least 3 different ways. Which one do you want back ?


I know what you mean. For some strange reason McDonald's thought that making the Quarter Pouner burgers raw inside would be a good idea.

They are setting themselves up for being sued when somebody comes down with food poisoning at gets seriously ill or loses their life. I used to lose getting the Double Quarter Pounder With Cheese, but I don't get them anymore because when I take them back to complain that they are raw inside, the goofballs overcook the burgers so that they are real stiff and tough and gross.

So I just don't buy them anymore. What a bunch of idiots at McDonald's!!!!(Employees all the way through Corporate)


I don't eat that stuff. But you can't call them idiots until you've made your first billion dollars or so ; nobody forces anyone to buy the stuff so I'd say the idiots are the ones who routinely fill their bodies and empty their wallets with that stuff.