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So I went to the Mcdonalds in Manchester, Tennessee and ordered a Mcrib. I was informed they didn't have any more.

This isnt the first time it has happened at this location or others. Then I keep seeing the commercial for the Mcrib sandwich. It irritates me greatly. And why do they not serve the Mcribs year round?

It is inconsistent on product supply. It seems like Mccdonalds is good at advertising things and not coming through on having what they actually advertise.

There are few reasons I go there anymore because the food isn't that great. The Mcrib is one of the few items that make me come in.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Sandwich.

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Because the McRib is a seasonal menu item, they use its limited time run to capitalize on profits from it. People buy it now because it's only around a short time, SHOCKINGLY... sometimes people buy so much that the store's SHIPMENT will run out (You mean that the food in a restaurant doesn't magically appear, never running out?!)


Like any national brand, the advertising is for everyone in general, not location specific. All restaurants have food that comes & goes(ie.Red Lobster shrimp fest) so McRib comes to an end.

The people that make it stop making it. We have several locations and one runs out before the others, so we are selling at some of our stores, as other franchisees, but cannot help it when we run out. Someone down the street still has some.

It is not a tragedy. :sigh :cry


Wow ! No McRibs!

What a tragedy. Get a life and stop being annoyed over some *** fast food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!