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Did more than 40 something years of coming to McDonald's I took a picture on Instagram and complimented McDonald's for their policy and terms of making everybody feel as if McDonald's was a place for them on December 12th I mean December 7th of 2018 a white gentleman step to me and asked me why was I in McDonald's so long when I have had both breakfast and lunch here and I was using the Wi-Fi to put in applications he told me I could not be sitting in McDonald's lobby he went to no other person but me and me and another I sent him watch another gentleman all day long with his son play and he's never bothered him but for some reason he bothered me

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Why in the world would anyone (other than a homeless person) want to spend all day milling around in McDonalds??? I can barely stand to sit in there for 15 minutes to eat my McMeal and I can't get out of there soon enough. The place gives me the creeps and the smell of the place is gross and disgusting too.


You neglect to say whether he was an employee of McDonald's or a customer. It sounds like he was with McDonald's and was curious why you were sitting in the place for hours at a time, which is a reasonable question. When you feel a need to point out the colour of the guy with the assumption that you are black and assume "racial profiling" you tell us much about your character and of the chip on your shoulder.

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