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Mcdonalds you never really know unless you see it. When I arrived at McDonalds there was nobody in line.

I was the only customer needing to place an order. The cashier and shift manager made me use a kiosh which I didnt even know you had yet. I asked why couldnt they take my order. Just told me it was same thing.

While others came in cashiers took there order at register as normal. The kiosh didnt give me a receipt and I asked for one the shift supervisor was rude and told me the price was on screen didnt I see it and I said I still need a receipt for charged amount. Afterwards waiting for order the alarm for fries and Hashbrowns kept beeping. A worker went pulled up baskets.

While watching she kept picking up food that was down in grease a placing it in bin. She then put the dropped items 3 in sleeves to serve. She then took the baskets and dumped the hashbrowns and fries in bind.

She filled my order with hashbrowns she retrieved floating in grease pit. Not happy.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Customer Care.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Nothing about this says racist..also learn to spell.


So you say. You were not there.

If one person gets different treatment than others and the others may have been of different race. Hello racist and descrimination screams at me. I was the only one not helped and I was the only one of a different race.

Other customers coming to order after me same race as employees. Again, you were not there.


I was called by a regional office. No manager has called me back and they said I would receive a coupon in the mail, but I have not.

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