4503 Garth Rd, Baytown, TX 77520, USA
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I am from Baytown TX, I go always go to eat on my lunch break to the mcdonalds on garth road. But today I had a horrible horrible experience .

Never have I ever heard and seen a customer talk down to a sweet manager insult her race .

She was handling it at her best , but there was no other manager to assist and escort those monsters out . Something needs to be done to prevent disrespectful customer like them to come back and insult another employee especially by herself .

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So, what did you do to assist the young lady? Nothing?

Complaining here does nothing also. If you are unwilling to lend a hand then-----------

to h.kitchener #1607950

Why didn't you help?? Instead of complaining here you could of complained to the rude people or perhaps you did not want to get involved and decide to write this to feed good about yourself.

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