Colorado Springs, Colorado

i (who is black) went to MD's and asked for a big mac and water very polity, the girl who was taking my order said and i quote "Oh, we are sorry sir we cannot serve blacks" then she went into the back and brought out the manager ... he yelled at me for not reading the sign out front.

i went out in the front and saw this tiny, tiny sign that read "No blacks will be served" the font was so small that i had to put on my glasses to read it. i won 200,000,000 dollars for sewing them die in *** MDs.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

  • Rcisim
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BS. They would be shut down if they had any signs like that and I highly doubt that girl said that to your face.

You're most likely some troll trying to stir up **** by screaming racism unnecessarily. Grow up.

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uhh...what year did this happen? 1958?

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