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I went in too two different location here in toledo ohio off reynolds road. And each time i purchased a quarter pounder with cheese and they were both not cooked.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Quarter Pounder Burger.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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They did that to me around April of this year. i had a coupon for Burger King for buy one whopper get one free, which I used at McDonalds, because they accept their competitors coupons.

BOTH burgers came back raw inside. A gentleman told me that this was the new way of cooking burgers at mickey D's, and I had to order them well-done if I wanted them that way. So I sent them back, and they came back well done, but they had put ketchup on them, and even though I got it without the first time, I didn't spell it out when i asked for them to redone. Finally, they came back but one was well done and OK, but the other one was raw inside.

So, I sent the second raw burger back to be cooked well done and Plain, and it was taking a really long time, so I went up to the counter and the manager young lady called back to the young kid working in the back and he laughingly said "It takes a long time to cook it well done!" and he said it as though he was overcooking it to get back at me.

The young lady manager said 'Well Don't Forget About It!" Finally, I got the burger and it was way overcooked and stiff, but i ate it anyway because i just wanted to get out of their. The location that this happened was the McDonalds on Sam Houston Parkway in Moss Bluff, Louisiana and I hope that the young kid who overdid my burger has a long and prosperous career working at McDonalds.