18010 William Rd, Carlyle, IL 62231
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I got a raw quarter pounder & when I called manager( Richard Lincoln) he didn't seem to care. This happened around 7:30pm June 25 2019 Carlyle IL McDonalds.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Quarter Pounder Burger.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

McDonalds Cons: This store is getting worse every day.

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I want to know why I only get a half slice of cheese on my filet of fish sandwich when it’s suppose to be a full slice. I can go to any McDonald’s in any state and get a full slice but not in Tucson.


McDonald's should institute a new policy that says that if your booger is completely raw inside that you get ten times your money back. What kind of an idiot would serve up boogers that way?

And another thing : those plastic cups that they now have make the drinks taste bad, probably because the plastic is leaching chemicals into the drink. I think that McDonald's should immediately replace them with Styrofoam cups and donate the existing supply of plastic cups to Goodwill Industries, so that they can then turn around and sell them for $1 a cup inside of their thrift stores.