Palm Bay, Florida

So I went to Mickey D's to take advantage of a coupon that sells the Premium McWraps for only $2. My boyfriend and I places our orders - Two crispy chicken and bacon wraps, then we presented our cashier, Leash, with two coupons, that clearly said "limit one coupon per person, per visit." I'm petty sure there isn't any rocket science required to understand that.

So, Leah proceeded to scan one coupon. After pointing out that the wraps weren't fully discounted, my boyfriends asked nicely for the second coupon back. Leah chuckled and said "nope" in the rudest way I've ever heard. Then my boyfriend asked again to put in the other coupon, to which she lied and said she did, when clearly the reciept told us otherwise, and Leah rolled her eyes at us and pointed at the manager and told us to talk to her.

The manager was equally incompetent at first, but after pointing out the receipt's flaws she sort of laid down the law. In the end we got our overcharges fixed up, and we were finally able to sit down and eat. That is, until we found out midway through our bacon wraps, there was absolutely no bacon. What a letdown.

Leah was an incompetent, rude employee.

Might I also add that Leah also tried to steal change from the guy in front of us in line. When the guy realized that he was missing a few bucks she denied it with a nonchalant "No I didn't."

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Coupon.

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