Thousand Oaks, California

I used the bathroom at this McDonald's. When I entered, there was no one else in the female bathroom. While in one stall, another person went into the other one. I finished and went to wash my hands. While I was prepping in the mirror, the other person flushed the toilet, exited the stall and stood at the mirror for a bit. Then, she headed toward the door. I said, "Are you not going to wash your hands." She said something in spanish and I said, "Lavarse los manos por favor." I had to look this up after the third time of catching a hispanic person not washing their hands. At this point, I'm thinking that maybe she doesn't work there, although she looked like she did. To make sure, I went to the front and asked. The other employee confirmed it and I told him that I couldn't eat there. Regardless of whether she handled my food or not, that image was in my head. It also makes me think about how many food handlers may not wash their hands and this will reduce the amount of times I eat out. I should cook more anyway.



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Monetary Loss: $25.

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