Greensboro, North Carolina

At the drive thru I ordered 3 things, a mcdbl, 4pc chicken nugget, and medium fry. After I left I realized they forgot my fry, only three things and they forgot.

I went back and was asked for my receipt, which I either lost or did not receive. After meeting half the staff and getting the run-around, the manager said he couldn't do anything. When I persisted, he asked me to pull up while the fries cook. I refused to believe that they had no fries ready, this has taken 10 full minutes already, and stayed put.

After two customers waiting in line drove off, as did I. Had no idea it would take so long to get my fry that I ordered, did not think they would refuse service. Why would I waste everyone's time, and have the rest of my food get cold, just to try to scam a medium fry? It costs less than $2.

Yet so much time was wasted, and nothing but creating unsatisfied customers was achieved. I may never go to McDonald's ever again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

Monetary Loss: $6.

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Report it to the franchise owner, the number is generally posted at the drive through, or to McD corporate.


When people order take out they should know enough to inspect the order before leaving the site. From what I have been hearing McDonald's has started cooking the food as ordered, that could be the reason for the wait. Also you have no way of knowing how many people were inside the restaurant.