Glen Saint Mary, Florida

today because of mcclenney fl "policy" i took my 5 grand kids to wendys. plicy i saw in action disturbed me when two young men were told only local cops get discounts.

i overheard one say to the other we faced more bullets then thet have shame on mcdonalds in maclenney fl. ive called corp. they say its individual ownership thing . went back several times to see if policy changed each time its no.

i took my 5 grandkids to wendys.if I hadnt witness this for myself id still be going to mcd. cant understand how a org. known for charity doesnt show apprciation to our military serving for all.

some dying for a cause.

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The same thing happen in Las Vegas NV they gave a discount to me one day a nice black lady then I went today and this big fat white lady said they don't give military discounts. The strange thing is she looked around the corner and seen I was black and that's when she said NO!


Sorry to say it goes for 1person the one in the miltry

& if u were to fly who get the miltry flight U ,? & yes I know they don't give good on airlines but 2bags u can check


The ones in vancouver wa. will only give discount to one person, only on a meal, no matter if active reserve or dep.

i can not even buy my sons and my meal on one order, and even after paying two tickets and give him the discount i show my id and they say only one per costomer. I am one and my son is one, both on seperate orders. If they do not want to give the discount than don't!

I do not go there because i am poor looking for discounts, i make really good money. I go there to support them and show that we like thier support.


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I don't think anyone who serves (or has served) enlisted in the armed forces solely to save 10 cents off a McDouble. That's like someone enlisting so they can go drink at the VFW.

It's an honor to serve and remember - they are fighting for our freedoms. Unlike the British troops in the colonies that forced citizens to feed them and shelter them, our troops neither demand nor expect special treatment when they come home.

They just want the same rights, responsibilities, and privileges as private civilians.

As for who is a hero - let's not go there. Armed forces are only a tip of the iceburg when it comes to our heroes.


I can see giving active duty military an discount but usually every card-carrying veteran and his wife want one as well. Just because someone is the spouse of a veteran of WWII should not entitle them to a discount.

My father fought in the Korean War. Never has my mother asked for a military discount.

As for the cops, I think it is an incentive to draw the police to the establishment believing that a criminal would be less likely to rob the place if its highly likely a cop may be inside. As for Wendys, I don't think they give a discount either.


Give me a break, spouses and dependents sacrifice a lot when the significant other goes to war, or training, etc. give them the discount too!!


hey jason from 25 of september 2010 you don't need to be in uniform to get discounts we carry ID cards to if you didnt know that. and maybe when the 2 soldiers asked for a discount the person probably stepped in because they over heard that the cashier said no an they were mad. ever thought of that


A lot of angry people out there. McDonalds does generally give a military discounts, but they are franchises and the owner can alter that call.

As for active duty feeling like they are owed, I'm a veteran married to a active duty chief and I can honestly say I have never seen that. I always ask if the store offers a discount, if they don't that is fine, if they do they are more likely to get my business. It's a great marketing technique and it's also good for moral. Lighten up people.

As for the lady who complained, thanks, from my husband, myself and our two small kids. I was proud to serve and would gladly do it again.


I serve right now and don't be mad at the lady for sticking up for two soldiers thats the problem with america nobody sticks up for the troops, how about you take there pay and long days then i'll tell you to go f ur self and will see how u like it dough boy. She did the right thing by going to wendys but really they dont give it either.

Let me take you from your family for a year and u tell me that its easy. thats why i hate people who say i support the troops when really they *** rape the troops money.....


Those workers were in the wrong. Mcdonalds does offer a military discount the one I live by gives America's true heroes an almost 50% discount.

You can check many military websites that have businesses that offer military discounts and mcdonalds is on them. I dont really care for mcdonalds either but people need to get facts straight. You had a problem with the employees that probably had no information on the matter.

I see it at our local mcdonalds. My brother always asks for the discount and there have been several times he says that the employee at the cash register doesnt know about it while others do


Every franchise owned has different stipulations on what is what. I'm from Montana, and the people who own the Mcdonald's I work at own two Mcdonalds. They honor any coupon from any date no matter if it's from their franchise or a franchise from the UK as long as it's in clear english and we serve the item that's on the coupon, we'll take it. We also give discounts to Vets, and Senior Citizens.

It's completely up to the franchise owner what they would like to have as discounts, promotions etc going on in their business. If they are unwilling to change for you as the customer, then odds are, going to regional or corporate management and complaining isn't going to solve the problem either.

Sorry, but that's just the way it is.


You see that is the problem. Why do you think all the Vietnam Veterans are messed up mentaly.

They all came back feeling that someone owed, them somethin, and when people did not help them, they turned to alcohol, drugs, and so on. One thing I learned before my two tours of Iraq, as a Navy Combat Corpsman,(Medic) with the U.S.M.C. infantry, by a Gunny, is that no one owes me anthing!

I volunteered what I did, I did it for free, and no one owes me anything! This mind set as kept me sane brothers and sisters!


I just re-read your complaint. I apologize for initially thinking that you were complaining about not receiving a discount, and I realize now that you were instead incensed that two other customers did not receive a military discount from a merchant who gives discounts to the local police.

I now recognize that you were sticking up for a couple of young men in uniform who were denied an economic benefit for their sacrifice. Thanks for your concern for them and your obvious patriotism. You are a good American.

Of course, I still think that McDonald's is ***. You're better off feeding your grandchildren at Wendy's.


I have 21 years in the military, have served in combat, and don't have any grandchildren. I don't care if McDonald's or any other establishment gives discounts to certain classes of customers; I neither demand nor expect any merchant to give me preferential treatment just because they do so for the local police.

The individual merchant has the freedom of choice to either support the troops or not. If they don't, I may very well take my business elsewhere.

At the same time, however, I will not "complain" to corporate HQ or anyone else about them denying me a special privilege because it would only make ME look bad. On the other hand, you should know better than to be feeding your grandchildren that ***.


I àgree, but when mcdonalds gives 20% discount to college students in kennesaw, ga


The Mafia would take their own discount without asking for it or without permission.


air force.... cheer force.every cop i ran into always says i was going to join but.

but what?take an one of those, teachers cops firefights, etc.

put them in a far place with no family, then add bullets bomb oh yeah and chemical war. then tell me who has what right to ask for or get the discount.


you should be ashamed for compaling for something that didnt concern you. why would you be such an *** to assume you ahould dictate what and bussiness should do for another costumer.

are these people only in uniform for disscounts or to surve there country. if the 2 guys had a problem they should complain not your dumb ***.


if you work for the mafia you should get a discount too, in return of keeping the gangbamgers,drugdealers and *** away. then they have their own drugs and *** but it will work out better.