San Antonio, Texas
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go to McD's @ breakfast / lunch , employees are rude @ drive and inside, order apple pies, say theyre out, someone else says they have 1 this is everyday, when I do get em, they make me wait 20 min. & they're cold, they gave me pies with dark brown gooey stuff inside,not apples, fries always upside down and scattered bottom of bag salty n hard, breads stale, meats horrid,patties look boiled,taste like wood they force onions on kids meals,they interrupt , if order isn't right, make you ,wait 20 min they blob on mayo, its like mayo burger, ordered burger with nothing on it, I got bread with nothing inside, give me a break, theyre getting worse doesnt look like theyre willing to improve, store@ culebra @ westwood loop, san antonio, tx

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Burger.

Monetary Loss: $16.

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Why do you go there EVERY DAY if it's that bad? Are you literally so *** that you can't even conjure up the ability to change your rancid diet? Is it your disgusting addiction to that food or is your life just so utterly empty and vapid that you WANT to be upset about something?