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I pulled up to the intercom nearest to their building and two vehicle that went to the second intercom receive the service first. The other driver behind me waiting for a service thought it may be broken.

As soon as it was reported that the intercom maybe broken, a vehicle pulled up, not knowing the issue, received help. I had transfer to the "working" intercom and waiting AGAIN to get a service. Finally, I did. The worst part was the employee who was handing out our food wasn't talking at all.

I believe a customer service should initiate a friendly "hello" or "hi" or something. In addition, we didn't get a "thank you" comment. Here's my thought process, this is the store managers market and not employees market. McDonald is a customer oriented business.

Business like this only survive because of its customers. I will have a zero tolerance to those employees who doesn't comply with customer service policy if I am a manager in this franchise. It's not a complicated task to hand the customer's order nor train a new employee to tend the cash register while taking an order. Most of the employees of this franchise only have short goal in mind.

Get a job here and have an experience and look for a "better" job. I am not telling the store manager what to do but give her something to think about.

It's up to her to decide. I hope she choose wisely particularly if keeping that employee who started it all is a wise decision.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

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really? well my only expectation when I get fast food is for them to get the food right and for it to be at least somewhat fresh.

I don't expect them to be professional and act like they need to please me. but then again, there's losers like you that mistreat anyone that you consider to be under you in the working world.


you must be the dumb *** that never made it to high school! did you even get a ged?


I totally agree with you bro some people are just *** and expect everyone to cater to them.


I prefer not to be gibbered at. I don't know that personand do not want their small amounts of spittle going on my food bag when they talk.

If i want hello and a conversation i will go womewhere with a waittress. Did you know everytime you talk amall amounts of spittle leave the mouth...ewe


Hey Al! Did your own kind invented the drive-thru?

Too fat and lazy to walk in and get served are we?

Probably, you beg the cashier to take your only .99c for a piece of burger 'cause your EBT card wouldn't allow you! Jackaz!


I agree with brotherwitch. The business is giving a service to its customer in exchange for their money.

BTW, there's no such things as .99c w/o paying a tax on it. Al & Jeb only ASSUME it's a .99c burger. What about the opposite to that like let's say $9.96 w/ tax. That's alot of money compare to filling up my gas tank to at least 2-3 gal of that amount.

I assume from their response that these two knuckleheads did not came from a good family background where respect and understanding should had been taught to them. Before you two make any further comments, go ask YOUR MAMA how an ideal customer service oriented business should look like...unless YOUR MAMA is just as knuckleheads as you two!


Al and Jeb, you must be McD's employees. It doesn't matter what someone spends, if a business doesn't take care of their customers, we call it government.

However, when I choose to give a business my money, I expect them to appreciate me as a customer. When the business fails to do so, they don't get my money.

Even if it is just .99 cents. You two need to grow up and learn some respect and consideration towards others, or stay home with your own mom's and away from me and the public.


Wow! Do we need a little touchy , feeely hug.

Want good service go to Mom, not a 99 cent burger joint. To lazy to walk in and get served are we?


Wow calm down its a 99 cent cheese burger. If you want good service go to your moms house she will be kind and wait on you the min you want her too and you even could get a free cookie out of it. You do realize that your complaining about Mc Donald's and can go to burger king anytime you want.